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Pictures above and below are some of the common tree diseases and ailments found in Nebraska. If you believe your trees have of these conditions, call Thomas Tree Service for FREE consultation and treatment options.

Picture 1: This shows chlorosis that if left untreated can kill your tree as is happening to the tree pictured here. (picture 3)

Picture 2: This is diplodia tip blight and dothistroma needle blight which are found on Autralian Pine, Ponderosa, Scotch Pine and other pine trees.

Picture 3: This chlorosis is typical for Sycamore, Pin Oak and Maples but can be found on any tree. It is better to treat chlorosis during the beginning stages (picture 1), because if treatment is left to the later stages, as shown in this picture, tree may have slight to severe damage even with treatment.

Picture 4: This is a picture of Oak Gall damaged: Nipple Gall looks similar to this but is found on the Hackberry.

Picture 5: Pictured here are bag worms. These mainly infest Conifers (Needle trees, that will also infect other trees).

All pictures taken by Thomas Tree Service

Thomas Tree Service provides trusted and high quality tree services to the Red Cloud, NE area. We have 30 years of experience and 3 EPA certified staff members. We ensure superior service that you deserve. Please change the first line of text to read: Thomas Tree Service provides trusted and high quality tree services to Most of West and Central Nebraska.

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